Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training

The Coalitions of Persons with Disabilities – NL offers consulting and professional development training services for employers to build organizational capacity for leadership, and to advance inclusion and diversity.

Disability Awareness Training
This session provides an essential and shared foundation for disability awareness, sensitivity and inclusion in your workplace, with emphasis on providing the unique Newfoundland and Labrador context. (3 hour training session).
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Emergency Preparedness
This session overviews key considerations to ensure that your emergency planning includes and supports persons with disabilities. Participants receive a copy of the 2015 Inclusive Emergency Planning Guide. (3 hour training session).
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Customer and Client Service
Information, awareness + practical techniques and confidence are the keys to providing excellent and respectful service to clients and customers with disabilities. Be proactive and get a service edge by ensuring that your full service team completes this highly effective session. (3 hour training session).
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Workplace Safety
This session provides key information and considerations to ensure that your ‘safety lens’ and planning procedures are inclusive of persons with disabilities, whether colleagues, partners or clients. (2.5 hour training session).
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Barrier-Free Environment
Practical information and often-overlooked considerations for creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming of persons with disabilities, both inside and outside of your business/organization. This session helps you to be proactive and avoid complaints and costly fixes. (2.5 hour training session).
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For more information, and to book a training session, please contact:

Nancy Reid, Manager of Strategic Initiatives
709-722-7011 | nancy@codnl.ca


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