Everyday Power Social Media Campaign

Everyday Power Social Media Campaign

We break disability stereotypes. What’s your everyday power?

Share with us and enter to win fantastic, inclusive prizes by entering your video, action photo or text-based submission!

Call for Submissions opens October 2nd. Submission Deadline: October 27th.

Are you a Newfoundlander or Labradorian with a disability? Show us how you live and thrive each day, by demonstrating your own “everyday power.” Your submission can help us build more inclusive communities and shift attitudes toward disability!

We want to see you doing things in your everyday life that overcome barriers and challenge negative stereotypes towards disability. Your lived experience can raise awareness and start conversations about inclusion and accessibility in our communities.

Plus, each qualifying submitter earns a ballot in our exciting, inclusive prize draws and a chance to be featured during our #EverydayPower social media campaign in November. Go on, show us your everyday power!



How to Enter & Qualify to Win:

  1. Read our submission tips and guidelines. Need ideas? Read below for tips and guidelines, and campaign rules and regulations.
  2. Shoot your video or action photo. We’ve included tips and ideas below to help you. Video clips of 2 minutes or less are accepted (if you don’t have the ability to edit or shorten it, we can help, don’t worry!). Photo of you in action (not a portrait) qualify; a collage is also accepted. Text-based submissions of 250 characters also qualify to win; see below for more details. If at any time you have questions or need help, contact Jennifer at (709) 722-7011, message us through our Facebook page or e-mail jennifer@codnl.ca.
  3. E-mail us your submission  with the necessary submission details (yes, also described below!) before 4 p.m. on October 27 to jennifer@codnl.ca, subject: “Everyday Power.”  If your file is too large to e-mail, for those creating videos, just let Jennifer know and she will send you a private, easy-to-use DropBox link to upload your file to our folder.
  4. You’ll receive confirmation of your submission being successfully received by us, telling you you’ve also been entered to win!
  5. Check our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) throughout November to see if your entry has been featured, check out other selected submissions and see if you’ve won a prize! The prize draws are completely random, regardless of format you choose to submit it. Everyone’s name goes into the hat!


Submission Tips & Guidelines

  • In your video or action photo submission, tell us what you’re doing (whether with voice, ASL with caption translation, or a written caption). Be sure to use the words Everyday Power (e.g. “This is MY Everyday Power”). In your e-mail to us, be sure to explain what’s happening in your video or photo, to better describe it for us. This will also help if your submission gets featured for our campaign! If you choose to enter a written submission, tell us in a short caption what your submission is about. We welcome alternate formats.
  • Video must be no longer than 120 seconds (2 minutes) at the maximum. Remember, the average social media video runs 15-30 seconds and tv commercials are 60 seconds. Sometimes, less is more, but if you want to use the 120 seconds to show and talk about your Everyday Power, feel free to use it. It’s up to you!
  • Your action photo (if you choose not to submit a video) must be one photo only. It should be an action photo, where you’re doing something – not a still photo of yourself. You may wish to collage a few photos together into one image, if you feel it tells the story better. Make sure you include a descriptive caption to accompany the photo so that we know what’s being pictured.
  • Submissions must not contain profanity, targeted negative comments or complaints against others and must not contain the appearance of minors without their parent/guardian’s express permission (if so, you’ll have to provide proof and permission).
  • Only one submission per person will qualify for the prize draw. You’re welcome to submit more than one entry, but your name will be entered in the prize draws only once.
  • Deadline for submissions is 4 p.m. sharp on Friday, October 27th, 2017.
  • It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure the submitted file is attached to the e-mail, and that all of the necessary submission details have been included in full. See below “Submission Form”
  • CODNL reserves the right to reject submissions that do not meet our rules and regulations.
  • CODNL reserves the right to publicly feature submissions on our website, social media and other media.
  • CODNL staff and board members (and their children) are welcome to participate, however will not be eligible to win a prize in this contest.
  • By submitting to our Everyday Power Social Media Campaign, you agree to have your submission and name featured in our campaign, should you be selected as a featured submitter.


Alternate Submission Options:

For those who prefer not to enter a video submission,  you have two alternate submission options: a great action photo or a written submission as your entry to the Everyday Power campaign.

Photo submissions must be one photo only and should come with a descriptive caption about how the image demonstrates the activity happening in the photo, which would show your everyday power. You’re welcome to submit one photo which is a collage of images if this helps you get your messages across. It’s best to get an action shot of your everyday power, and if possible, include yourself interacting with others.

Written submissions can be a description of what you do to break barriers and challenge stereotypes in your everyday routine, or can even be a poem about how you do that. Written submissions must be no longer than 250 characters to be eligible for entry into the prize draws. If your written entry is selected to be featured in our Everyday Power campaign, CODNL will post it in both visual graphic and text formats.


Everyday Power Submission Form:

This is the most important bit. Once your submission is ready:

  1. Attach your video, photo or text-based file to an e-mail to jennifer@codnl.ca
  2. Make your subject line: Everyday Power
  3. Copy and paste the following section as your submission form, and fill in the details in the body of your e-mail. The submission will be considered signed by e-mail.

This is my #EverydayPower submission. I hereby authorize Coalition of Persons with Disabilities to use, distribute and publish my #EverydayPower submission for this contest, campaign and future promotional material to help break accessibility barriers, challenge disability stereotypes and build more inclusive communities for all.

My details for entry into your contest and campaign are:

Full Name:
Tel #:
Caption for my submission:
Your social media profile: (@twitterusername or Facebook Profile link, if you have one, and your entry is selected to be featured in our #EverydayPower social media campaign, we can tag you in the post)

I understand that by entering this video/photo/text submission, I have given COD-NL the right to publish and post this video throughout their Everyday Power social media campaign on various channels including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as the COD-NL website, blog and e-bulletins.

This e-mail correspondence will serve as my digital signature.

You will receive confirmation of your submission by return e-mail and your name will be added to our Inclusive Prize Draw.  Stay tuned to our social media channels for the launch of our month-long #EverydayPower campaign starting November 6th and see who’s been featured and has won a prize!

Good luck and thanks for joining in! Any questions can be directed to Jennifer at jennifer@codnl.ca.


Need ideas?

This campaign is about breaking disability stereotypes and showing people’s abilities rather than disabilities. Your video/photo/text submission should show your everyday power to break down barriers – in your daily routine, as part of everyday life. That might be a submission showing us how you get around, interacting with others, on a day windowshopping with friends. Perhaps it’s you using assistive technology to ordering a pizza! It could be anything you do in everyday situations where you don’t let your disability or the obstacles you may encounter get in the way of enjoying your life and being an active member of your community.

Some everyday scenarios and ideas for your submission:

  • going to the movies
  • socializing with friends or family
  • driving or taking public transit
  • attending a social/community event
  • gardening
  • playing sports, swimming, hiking, etc
  • making art or craftwork
  • parenting
  • at work
  • cooking
  • eating at a restaurant
  • doing laundry
  • grocery shopping
  • making or enjoying music
  • hunting or fishing
  • operating a small business
  • walking with a service animal
  • attending class
  • taking a leadership role
  • communicating with others
  • taking part in an activity or program
  • visiting local attractions (museums, landmarks, community centres)
  • using technology and assistive devices to navigate your everyday



Some Dos and Don’ts for making your submission


  • film in a well lit location
  • try to hold your phone or camera steady, as best you can (you can ask someone to help film you, too)
  • smile and be positive!
  • make it real – no need to act, just be yourself!
  • keep it simple – show us your everyday power
  • if speaking, make sure your voice can be heard (volume)
  • if signing, make sure you include a written translation of what you’re signing
  • if you prefer not to speak/sign, you’re welcome to provide a written caption to accompany your video
  • Use #everydaypower hashtag in conversations online with us


  • film in a windy or noisy location
  • be shy! Be proud of your everyday power!
  • “throw tomatoes” – please don’t criticize or attack others or make complaints in your submission; focus positively on how you break stereotypes and overcome barriers
  • use profane, offensive or slang language or gestures
  • film or photograph minors unless you can provide written and signed proof of their parent/guardian’s permission
  • feel like this is a Hollywood production. We’re happy to see your phone-camera homemade video. We don’t expect you to be a pro!


Our Sponsors

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors! We extend our sincere appreciation to our inclusion-minded sponsors, without whom our #EverydayPower campaign would not be possible. We invite you to support these accessible, inclusive, local businesses and visit their websites by clicking the logos below. (If you’d like to join our sponsors, contact jennifer@codnl.ca or call 722-7011).










PRIZE PACKAGES (to be drawn during November 2017)

“An Inclusive Getaway Around the Bay” at The Fisher’s Loft
*includes a one night’s stay with home cooked breakfast at this beautiful, accessible B&B in picturesque Port Rexton

“Food & Film for Everyone” an Accessible Night Out at Fionn MacCool’s & Cineplex Avalon Mall
*includes a meal for two at Fionn’s accessible new restaurant on Kenmount Road and a movie for two at Cineplex Avalon Mall, with accessible theatres

“Sweets for All” at Sugar Mama’s Bakery
*a $25 Gift Certificate, good for a dozen gourmet cupcakes, or whatever your sweet tooth craves at their new, accessible Elizabeth Avenue location. How sweet it is!

Perk Up Your Everyday Power with Jumping Bean 
*4 lbs of Jumping Bean coffee and a travel mug to sip it from, thanks to their accessible Elizabeth Avenue location. Now that should perk you up!


The #EverydayPower campaign ends on Monday, December 2, 2017, but you can enjoy our video and photo story content on our Facebook Page, Twitter or YouTube channel anytime.

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