Financial and Tax Benefits

Financial and Tax Benefits

Disability Services
Programs and services offered by the Government of Canada for persons with disabilities including but not limited to assisted living, pensions and benefits, grants for students, and savings plans.

Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
Tax credit and deductions program offered through the Canada Revenue Agency to support persons with disabilities and their supporting family members.
To apply for the DTC, you must complete the application form.

Disability Tax Credit Guide
Disability Credit Canada has written an extensive updated guide for 2017 on Disability Tax Credit to provide information and answer any questions one might have regarding this tax credit. Starting from how the tax credit works to how one can apply for it, this guide covers all major aspects.

Child Disability Tax Credit Guide
Guide by Disability Credit Canada, outlining the conditions eligible for a child disability benefit, from understanding how your child qualifies for government support, how the application process works and what the benefits your child would receive mean for the entire family.

CPP Disability Tax Benefit Guide
Guide by Disability Credit Canada to help you reset your understanding of and approach to the CPP Disability application and approval process in order to optimize your chances of being approved.

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
The RDSP is available for Canadians with disabilities and their supportive family members to help save for the future.


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