Introducing the 2017 CODNL Scholarship Recipients

Introducing the 2017 CODNL Scholarship Recipients

Each year, the Coalition provides scholarship opportunities to three outstanding high school students who self-identify as living with a disability and are entering post-secondary studies in the Fall. These scholarships are presented in partnership with Scotiabank and Husky Energy.  This year’s recipients were:

  • Shauna Bradbury of Flatrock (COD-NL-Husky Energy Scholarship of $1,250)
  • Michael Maher of Grand Falls-Windsor (COD-NL-Husky Energy Scholarship of $1,250)
  • Jennifer Lovell of McIvers (COD-NL Scotiabank Scholarship of $1,000)



Shauna Bradbury of Flatrock, Winner of the CODNL-Husky Energy Scholarship – valued at $1,250.00














Shauna Bradbury is a grade 12 student from Flatrock who attends Holy Trinity High in Torbay. Shauna is pursuing a career in Nursing at Memorial University and St. Francis Xavier University. Shauna described to us how living with a hearing disability has affected her life, however she has shown her tenacity in overcoming the barriers associated with living with a disability. Shauna has learned to become a strong self-advocate in her personal life, is always interested in learning about new assistive technologies and learning from others new strategies for handling life with hearing loss with a positive outlook. Despite having negative experiences ranging from being bullied and encountering daily obstacles related to hearing disability, Shauna has excelled in her studies with a high course average and has also demonstrated great maturity, strength and adaptability. She has learned to lip read, adjust to her environment, speak up for herself when she feels she has missed something and be inclusive of others in everything she does.

Shauna told us that having a hearing disability has pushed her to become more confident as an individual and to focus on the positives of her reality of living with a disability. Her teachers and mentors describe her as a compassionate, enthusiastic lifelong learner who finds joy in each opportunity. Her reputation is that of a thoughtful, non-judgmental leader who excels academically and contributes regularly to student and community life.

On that note, Shauna’s community involvements have been many. She has been a member of the Holy Trinity Student Council for the last three years where she helped organize school activities and fundraisers for local non-profits. She is currently completing her Gold level Duke of Edinburgh Award through community volunteerism and thanks to a long-time passion for ice hockey, also currently assists by coaching skating for her local minor hockey league. Shauna also volunteers with the YMCA After School program and Tutoring for Tuition program. She is heavily involved in the Junior Achievement program and the Newfoundland chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association.

The Adjudication Committee was highly impressed by Shauna’s scholarship application and having heard us describe her attributes and accomplishments, it’s certainly no wonder why we have selected her as the recipient for one of our two CODNL-Husky Energy scholarships, valued at $1,250.

We give special thanks to our community sponsors for making these scholarships and awards – and well-deserved recognition – as well as for providing valuable support to the Coalition as we carry out our important work in this province.


Michael Maher of Grand Falls-Windsor, Winner of the CODNL-Husky Energy Scholarship – valued at $1,250.00

Michael Maher is a Grade 12 student at Exploits Valley High School in Grand Falls-Windsor who will be studying Engineering at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus in the Fall. Since being diagnosed with ADHD in Grade 8, Michael was faced with major challenges at a young age as he struggled with learning, memory and focus. Thanks to the dedication of his parents, teachers and tutors, Michael persevered, working extremely hard during and after school to improve his ability to learn and adapt to life with a disability. He also learned to develop successful coping strategies and skills to overcome obstacles to learning.

Just one year after his ADHD diagnosis, with personal drive and tenacity, along with the assistance of medication and family and educator support, Michael earned the Award of Highest Academic Average in Grade 9. By Grade 12, Michael continued to excel with averages in the highs 90’s, particularly excelling in Advanced Mathematics and Physics. These are areas he is passionate about, especially building things and working hands on. As he prepares for university, Michael envisions a career as an engineer in a consulting firm or a city’s public works department.

Michael’s community involvement ranges from community clean ups to coaching a Triple A Pee Wee Ice Hockey team. He volunteered in his community church soup kitchen and was a member of his school soccer, baseball and hockey teams. Michael is quite the athlete, as well. He not only dedicated his energies to improving his academic performance while learning to live with his disability, he also impressively worked two different part-time jobs over a 5 year period to help offset the financial costs related to his intensive varsity hockey career.

He prides himself on his work ethic, positive can-do attitude and ability to overcome his frustrations and low self-esteem, which were one characteristic of his experience living with ADHD. Michael has been described by his mentors as an exceptional, positive role model for other students at his school who takes his work seriously, shares his passion for sport and is committed to doing his best while also helping others do the same.

We are very pleased to be awarding Michael Maher with the second of our CODNL-Husky Energy Scholarships, valued at $1,250.


Jennifer Lovell of McIvers, Winner of the CODNL-Scotiabank Scholarship – valued at $1,000















Jennifer Lovell is a Grade 12 student from McIvers, a small community in the Bay of Islands on the West Coast of our island. She attends Templeton Academy and is pursuing a Pharmacy Technician Diploma through Keyin College in Grand Falls-Windsor.

Jennifer has told us that her disability has affected her life physically more than intellectually. She shared that she has had to work harder than others to get from Point A to Point B, but that she was always determined to overcome obstacles and not let it dampen her spirits. She has overcome challenging times with the physical aid of surgeries and mental health support from her dedicated family, health professionals and mentors. She credits her optimistic, positive attitude as a factor that helped her persevere.

Jennifer’s supporters have called her a charismatic, intelligent, hard-working, motivated young woman who is both academically strong and community minded. She has consistently been listed on her school’s Honour Roll, exhibits a fantastic attitude toward learning and taking on new challenges.

Jennifer is a true people person, drawing energy and enthusiasm from interacting with and giving back to others. She is passionate about continually challenging herself and being active in her community. Her volunteer work includes an impressive array of commitments and contributions, including work with: the Canadian Cancer Society, the Janeway Children’s Hospital, the McIvers Community Improvement Committee, the Western Memorial Hospital Teleconference Youth Group, World Vision Youth Canada’s 30 Hour Famine and the Red Shoe Crew of Ronald McDonald House.

One nurse, in her support letter, describes Jennifer as “a miracle child. Someone who continues to defy all odds, someone who has had to fight for everything including her first breath and her life.” We are told that even through early complications, more surgeries later in life and continual therapies, Jennifer has never complained of being dealt an unfair hand. To her, her struggles are part of her life and reality, and instead, she chooses to focus her energies into making the world around her a better place. She enjoys setting and achieving goals, helping others and focusing her energies on other positive ways she can contribute to her community.

It is, undoubtedly, our delight and pleasure to present Jennifer Lovell with the CODNL-Scotiabank Scholarship, valued at $1,000.

Congratulations to all three of our very exceptional and very worthy scholarship recipients! We’re proud to offer our scholarship program to help pay tribute to outstanding students with disabilities who are working towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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